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Help is on the Way

Dog Poet Transmitting……. “May your noses always be cold and wet and running with music’.   I’ve edited the new song, “Help is on the Way”. (I know Patrick was interested in that (grin). So, now all I’ve got to do is record it).   UPDATE, 21 FEB 2014    Visible has now recorded: ♫ Help is on The Way ♫ Mr. Apocalypse is Coming by Les Visible   “Help is on the Way” “I’m bringing home the starlight With no…

Two Poems of Revolution and Change

You Can’t See Me I am the Count of the Last requestthe tiny dark man of utter windblown and beaten down a carousel of faded flowersthrown after a departing rainbow white to the eyes of all unbelieverswho did not see me climb the golden towerwho do not believe there is oneand who will remain forever white for their crimes I walk among them daily too small and dark to behold I come in a flamethe slow burn of understandingthat will…

More Than Blue Eyes

A man must come to the desperate edgeof the walls he’s built around himselfand beat with his hands on the cold hard stoneand cry for the years that he’s been aloneand break like a dry dead twigunder the wheel of timeand riseand liveand understandthe power of love in his masters hand round and round the coffins edgethe landlords of despairdance to the mortal earthand bow to the mortal eartha strange mistressa strange mothertell me,which of your magics can conquer death?…


Builders of the Adytum


Paul Drockton


Ziad Fadel, a Syrian perspective...

Robert Phoenix - Astrologer

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